Landon McDonald: Voice Actor

My name is Landon McDonald and I'm a professional voice actor based in Los Angeles.


Much like a certain Last Son of Krypton, I grew up on the rolling plains of Kansas. But while Clark Kent’s afternoons were spent leaping over cornfields and saving busloads of school kids, my post-homework routine usually included a bowl of cereal and regular viewings of "The Simpsons," "Animaniacs" and "Batman: The Animated Series." 


I quickly learned to recognize and emulate many of my favorite voice actors, including Mark Hamill, Jim Cummings and Harry Shearer, and I've been talking funny ever since.


Along with voice-over, I’ve been acting for the better part of a decade in plays, independent films, radio dramas and podcasts. I hold a B.A. in Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications and a Film minor from the University of Kansas.


I recently graduated from the University of Southern California, where I received my M.A. in Strategic Public Relations. During my time there, I appeared in numerous student-produced films and video games at the internationally renowned School of Cinematic Arts. I am also the voice of Trisight Communications, a student-run PR firm operating out of the prestigious Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism.


I'm currently represented by Mike O'Dell at BBA Talent and Jimmy Cobble at TAG Talent for all commercial, animation and interactive voice work.


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Voices of Experience


"When you know why you say what you say, then you're informed and it allows you to play." - Richard Horvitz


"There's nothing more powerful than a strong emotion held back." - Tony Oliver


"Character roles only indicate that they're very different from who you are as a person, and for me, it's fun hiding behind characters who are so unlike who I am." - Mark Hamill