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Landon McDonald 
"Voice Acting with Character"

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Latest News and Announcements!

Meidomaru Announcement.png

You can hear me as the malicious Meidomaru in YASHAHIME: PRINCESS HALF-DEMON! Flamboyant demons are my specialty, it seems. Thanks Lucien Dodge, Mami and Team Bang Zoom for the opportunity to play alongside the same INUYASHA dub cast I remember from my Toonami-loving childhood!

Isozaki Announcement.png

That's me as the brave and brainy parkour enthusiast Isozaki in the new anime movie BUBBLE, now available on Netflix! Thanks Eric P. Sherman, Mami, Team Bang Zoom! and my ace agent Sam Frishman for letting me be a part of this eye-popping sci-fi adventure!

Alexei Announcement.png

I play the cunning but childish Alexei Zelenoy in AMAIM: WARRIOR AT THE BORDERLINE, now streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation! Thanks NYAV Post, Stephanie Sheh and director Griffin Puatu for putting me in the driver's seat of my own giant robot!

Additional Voices - THE SIMPSONS.png

Hi, I'm Landon McDonald. You may remember me from such shows as... THE SIMPSONS! You can hear me sprinkled (mmm... sprinkles) throughout the episode "My Octopus and a Teacher." Much love to the entire Simpsons team and my ace agent Sam Frishman for letting me live out a lifelong dream!

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