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Latest News and Announcements

"A Noblesse-ing in Disguise!"
I play hacker extraordinaire and certified good boy Kase Manabu in NOBLESSE, the latest Crunchyroll Original Series based on a Webtoon digital comic! Thanks to David Walsh, Wendee Lee, Eddie Correa Jr, Nikki Fish and all my friends at Studiopolis and Crunchy for letting me join the fun! 
"This is Most Irregular!"
It's my honor to play Mikihiko Yoshida in THE IRREGULAR AT MAGIC HIGH SCHOOL! As someone who's often aloof and hard on himself, I identify with Miki a lot, and it's a privilege to help bring him to life. Thank you Erica Mendez, Mami Okada and the whole team at Bang Zoom! and Aniplex!
"Hero in a Half-Shell!"
I’m out of my shell to announce that I play Donatello in the new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES battle pass for SMITE! As a nerdy kid, Donnie was always my favorite turtle, and I’ll confess to tearing up a little when I got the news I’d been cast. Forever grateful to my friends at Nickelodeon, Smite, Hi-Rez Studios and Okratron 5000!
"School of Hard Knocks!"
I play bareknuckle brawler Gidong Nah and jiu jitsu champion Jaehee Byeon in the Crunchyroll original series THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL! Thanks to Michael Sorich, Eddie Correa Jr. and all of my friends at Studiopolis for giving me the opportunity to channel my inner street fighter!
"Girlfriend Is Better!"
I play hapless horndog Shun "Kuri" Kuribayashi in the new rom-com anime RENT-A-GIRLFRIEND, now streaming on Crunchyroll! Thanks to Wendee Lee, Eddie Correa Jr., Suzy Goldish and all my friends at Studiopolis for having me aboard for this one!
"Feelin' Good As Hell!"
It’s like a dream to play the sweetly sadistic Enmu in the season finale of DEMON SLAYER! All the gratitude in the world goes to Mami Okada, Steve Staley, Bang Zoom! and Aniplex for entrusting me with this deranged dream defiler and train enthusiast. It’s an honor to be making my non-walla Toonami debut in such a breathtakingly beautiful series!
"For My Next Trick, I'll Need A Volunteer!"
I’m proud to play the wry, worrywart Assistant to Lizzie Freeman’s scatter-brained sorceress in MAGICAL SEMPAI, a new high school comedy streaming on Crunchyroll! This is my first male lead in an anime, and I feel very fortunate to be working with such hilarious material and a game-for-anything cast. Thanks David Walsh, Ryan Johnston and all my friends at Studiopolis!
"The Merchant of Menace!"
I play the swashbuckling rogue Klaus in HIGH SCHOOL PRODIGIES HAVE IT EASY EVEN IN ANOTHER WORLD, a new fantasy-adventure anime now streaming on Crunchyroll! Congrats to my cast mates, directors David Walsh and Ryan Johnston and my friends over at Studiopolis!
"Peacocked, Locked and Ready to Rock!"
I play the ultra-stylish Mr. Peacock, a couple of dude-bro Beetles and one very concerned father in the new season of KATURI, an educational children’s show now streaming on Amazon Prime! 
"Cheaters Never Prosper!"
I play the mysterious Cassim in ISEKAI CHEAT MAGICIAN, a brand-new adventure anime based on the best-selling manga. It was a pleasure to reunite with my INFINI-T FORCE director Ryan Johnston and a dynamite cast led by Griffin Puatu and Lizzie R. Freeman. New episodes stream every Friday on Crunchyroll, so grab your adventurer party and start your journey today!
"On a Slobot to China!"
I play the deliberately-paced automaton Slobot in POWER PLAYERS, a brand-new show from the creators of BEN 10 and BIG HERO 6 that follows an imaginative kid and his ragtag team of super-heroic playthings. It’s been a genuine thrill to work alongside the Man of Action writing collective and director Todd Haberkorn. This also marks my first major character in a Cartoon Network series, so tune in and help us battle the evil Madcap and other dire threats to playtime!
"To Infini-T and Beyond!"
I play Tetsuya Azuma, better known as Casshan, in the superhuman crossover event INFINI-T FORCE, which brings together four classic heroes to combat a mysterious criminal mastermind known only as “Z.” A “neoroider” android with persistent glimmers of human emotion, Casshan views every sentient life as sacrosanct, and it was a privilege to portray such a complex, well-defined character. The series is now available on Blu-ray, so grab your copy today!
"Burt Offerings!"
I play the belligerent talking sword Excali-Burt (though he prefers just Burt) in the latest episode of RAINBOW BUTTERFLY UNICORN KITTY, now airing on Nicktoons and the Nickelodeon app! This is my first-ever Nick project, and it was a blast bringing this psycho chevalier to life!
"Okey-Dokey, Pokémon!"
I’m overjoyed to announce that I play Cheren and Flint in the new game POKÉMON MASTERS! Cheren is an ambitious, goodhearted gym leader with an encyclopedic knowledge of his charges, while Flint is a freewheeling fire-type trainer with a temper hotter than the tip of a Charizard’s tail. Voicing a POKÉMON character has always been a dream of mine, and I want to thank Kathy Pilon and Mami Okada for making that dream a reality twice over! The game is now available on iOS and Android, so start your journey to become a Pokémon master today!
"That's Gotta Be A Record!"
I play the obsequious priest Joseph and countless mages, messengers and soldiers in RECORD OF GRANCREST WAR, now streaming on Netflix! I truly enjoy playing vainglorious bastards with delusions of grandeur, and this pious pustule certainly qualifies. Thanks to Chris Cason, Mami Okada, Eddie Correa Jr., BZ! and Aniplex!
"Dog Days Are (Not) Over!"
I reprise the role of Rampo in the BUNGO STRAY DOGS movie DEAD APPLE! Join the snack-hoarding super-sleuth and the Armed Detective Agency as they investigate a mysterious mist that might be behind a rash of suicides. The whole shebang is available on Funimation's exclusive streaming service FunimationNow!
"Every Dog Has His Day!"
I’m honored to play snack-loving super-sleuth Rampo Edogawa in the third season of BUNGO STRAY DOGS! Rampo is an eccentric yet prodigiously gifted gumshoe who helps the Armed Detective Company tackle its most difficult and dangerous cases. Thanks to Suzy Goldish and Studiopolis for letting me join the pack! New episodes stream every Friday on FunimationNow!
"Little Grey Cells!"
I play the baneful bacterium Streptococcus Pyogenes and a bunch of red blood cells in CELLS AT WORK, a series that imagines the inner workings of the body as a buddy cop action comedy. Picture OSMOSIS JONES injected with Grand Guignol violence and genuine educational value. The first season is available on Blu-ray August 27th, so turn your head and cough up the dough!
"The Headless Norseman!"
I play the ghostly Helheim Ullr in the latest update of SMITE! This version of the glorious Norse deity is an underworld guardian charged with slaying any living soul who dares to enter the land of the dead. Thanks to Donald Shults and all the fantastic folks at Hi-Rez Studios and Okratron 5000 for having me in once again.
"Surely You Can't Be Sirius?"
I play laconic vampire slayer Jirou Akimoto in SIRIUS THE JAEGER, the latest Netflix Original Series! A mild-mannered bartender by day and agent of the V Shipping Company of monster hunters by night, Akimoto and his fellow “Jaegers” are caught up in an interspecies feud between a coven of royal bloodsuckers and a vengeful young werewolf named Yuliy. The first 12 episodes are streaming on Netflix, so grab your stake and garlic and join the hunt today!
"Ready, Eddy, Go!"
I play super-spy James Blood’s tech-savvy partner Eddy in HERO MASK, the newest Netflix Original Animated Series! Eddy is what the kids call best boy: loyal, brave and like Q before him, eternally forgiving when his careless co-worker returns his beloved gadgets damaged or worse. This is my first major character in a Netflix series, and I’ll be forever grateful to director Christian La Monte and Bang Zoom! casting director Mami Okada for making my VO dreams a reality! The first 15 episodes are now streaming, so earn your license to kill and start watching today!
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